Celsius bankruptcy proceedings show complexities amid declining hope of recovery

Celsius bankruptcy proceedings show complexities amid declining hope of recovery

The Celsius Network is just one of the many crypto lending companies that have been affected by the “crypto contagion.”

Rumours about Celsius’s insolvency started to circulate in June, after the crypto lender was forced by “extreme market circumstances” to stop withdrawals on June 13. Celsius filed for bankruptcy on July 13th.

In its bankruptcy filing, the crypto lending company showed a balance gap in excess of $1.2 billion. Most liabilities were owed by its users. At $4.72 billion, user deposits accounted for the largest portion of the liabilities. Celsius’ assets included CEL tokens, assets worth $600 million, and mining assets worth $720million. Crypto assets total $1.75 trillion. Some in the crypto community have questioned the value of CEL tokens, but CoinGecko data shows that the total market cap for CEL stands at $494 million.

Cointelegraph was informed by Iakov Levin (CEO of Midas), that the CEL token price issue could negatively affect its holders. He explained:

“Celsius calculated CEL token in $1 per token. It required someone to pay this amount for the bankrupt token. CEL token owners as well as Celsius users are also affected by the situation. CEL is a sad reminder of the dangers of events that can lead to a domino effect on the wider digital asset market.

The firm stated that it would use $167 million of cash-on-hand for certain operations and to “restore activity across platform” and “return value back to customers” at the time it filed bankruptcy.

Nearly a month after the company filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy, a new bankruptcy report revealed that the actual debt of the crypto lender is more than twice what it showed in July. According to the report, net liabilities of $6.6 billion were found and assets under management totaling $3.8 billion. The firm had approximately $4.3 billion of assets and $5.5 billion of liabilities in bankruptcy filings, which is a difference of $1.2 billion.

Pablo Bonjour, Macco Restructuring Group’s managing director, shared the reasons Celsius’s balance gap grew and the future for the troubled crypto lender. Cointelegraph was informed by Bonjour:

“Celsius is not different from most Chapter 11 bankruptcies in the sense that the debt, or shortfall, if you will sometimes use it, can sometimes turn out to be more than originally expected, especially when it comes to cryptocurrency and valuations, depending on who and what they owe.”

It’s too soon to predict how things will turn out. Celsius has some work to do before they can get things sorted out. But I know that all the professionals are working hard to achieve a better outcome. I expect a fascinating road ahead, and if the examiner gets approved, I’m looking forward to the examiner’s report. This report may not be available before 2022. He said, “We’ll just have the patience to see.”

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Celsius will run out of cash by October due to its current debt and cash flow. According to a court filing, Celsius’ three-month cashflow forecast shows that Celsius will see a drop of approximately 80% in liquidity funds between August and September.

Brian Pasfield, chief tech officer at Fringe Finance’s decentralized finance protocol Fringe Finance explained the crucial issue that caused the crypto contagion. Cointelegraph was informed by Pasfield:

“Central platforms must solve their overhead in order to be competitive with fully decentralized options. Decentralized competitors have the advantage of having no overhead. This makes it difficult for Celsius to sustain itself without falling prey to fragility strategies.

Celsius bankruptcy proceedings get messier

The bankruptcy proceedings against the crypto lender in trouble are becoming more complicated every day. Celsius’ lawyers first made it clear that users cannot get their crypto back legally because they have given up their rights through signing the terms and condition.

Lawyers from Kirkland led by Pat Nash described how Earn and Borrow account holders transferred the title to the firm in accordance with its terms of service at the Celsius bankruptcy hearing. Celsius can now “use, sell and pledge those coins as it pleases.”

Conditions of service for Celsius accounts Source: Celsius Presentation

Celsius stated that it will pay its employees and maintain their benefits through “first-day” motions. According to Celsius, it will continue to service loans that have maturity dates, margin calls, and interest payments as in the past. Celsius also has a new director who will guide it through the restructuring, including David Barse (founder and CEO of index company XOUT Capital), who was a “pioneer” in distressed investment.

Another twist came when the representative for the United States trustee in the bankruptcy case said that there was no real understanding of Celsius’s crypto holdings or their value. The trustee requested an examiner to investigate allegations of “incompetence” or “gross mismanagement” and “significant transparency issues” regarding Celsius’ operations within the context of the bankruptcy case.

EndoTech’s CEO, Anna Becker, shared with Cointelegraph the story of what ultimately led to Celsuis’s demise.

“Celsius is more than just a lending institution. It has created a strong community for incentivized believers. This company was successful in its acquisitions, but it was half-hazard when it came to risk management. The company’s “tribe” of believers is optimistic, but it will have to face the harsh realities in its risk management and bankruptcy. The community is full of enthusiasm, but the value crater remains real and is growing.”

The request of Celsuis to run BTC mining operations and sell them as a way to restore financial stability was approved by Martin Glenn, the chief bankruptcy judge of the Southern District of New York. This was against the objections of U.S. trustee. They may be able to survive bankruptcy and continue as an entity. However, this will have to be done on a reorganized basis.

The efforts of the Celsius community might not prove fruitful

The Celsius community was strong during the bankruptcy proceedings and after funds were frozen.

Unofficial community-led recovery plans are also being promoted on Twitter using the hashtag #CELShortSqueeze. This movement is designed to make short-sellers of Celsius tokens pay for their short positions. It does this by deliberately driving up the CEL token’s price through mass purchases and withdrawals from different exchanges.

This $CEL trade might be the best of the year. Shorters got REKT big time… You can’t make this shit up, that’s why I love #Crypto #Celsius #CelShortSqueeze pic.twitter.com/A6OQwoQMhS
— DoopieCash(r) (@DoopieCash) June 21, 2022

CEL’s value rose from $0.67 to $1.59 on June 19, a 180% increase compared to the crypto markets’ 12.37% gain in the same time period. Experts believe the short squeeze will not have a lasting impact.

Jackson Zeng, CEO at crypto brokerage firm Caleb & Brown told Cointelegraph that “Celsius holds 90% of CEL based on Etherscan but cannot sell or move the token during its bankruptcy proceedings.” “Traders still have to pay 0.5-2.5% per daily to short the token. Many have been forced into closing their short positions in the past two months,” he said.

A company that is in bankruptcy will not have a bright future. The shorts can be covered once the supply has been unlocked. This will have a negative effect on the price, as well as removing the effects of the short squeeze.

According to reports, Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky “took over” trading strategy at the crypto lending company amid January rumors that the United States Federal Reserve was planning to raise interest rates.

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According to the Financial Times, Mashinsky directed individual trades and overruled financial professionals in order to protect Celsius against anticipated drops in the cryptocurrency market. According to reports, the Celsius CEO ordered the sale of Bitcoin worth “hundreds and millions of dollars” in one case. Then, the coin was repurchased at a loss less than 24 hours later.

Celsius could face the same fate as its crypto lender counterparts Voyager, BlockFi, and Hodlnaut, as the bankruptcy proceedings reveal more details about the crypto lender.

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