Black Lives Matter Trending In Google Search Prior to Elections

In the wake of the recent riots across the United States a large portion of the population has been becoming aware of the group being used for politics and activism. In a recent post by Qanon a graphic shows the sharp rise of interest in the search at identical times before major elections. People are waking up [[D] party con].

The actions of the group using violence to destroy and burn down cities has done nothing to advance progress in the country. Ironically white Anti-Fa members have even burned down black owned businesses. The fake news media fails to point out anything that is true and continues to be the enemy of the American people hiding facts and reporting falsehoods. Most people agree that the head financier and leader of the leftest group, George Soros, should be arrested and tried for treason.

black lives matter search

While the fake news covers for the radical actions of the Left, @Jack from Twitter continues to suspend Patriots exercising their free speech online. The corporate media along with social media have all proven to be corrupt.

Attorney General Barr recently mentioned that although the wheels of justice turn slowly, many well known names are at the top of Durhams list and will soon be revealed and arrested.

Put on the Full Armour of God and Pray for the United States to win the spiritual battle against evil.

Alicia Gainey

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